Fiore Roberta – Since 1989

The Italian jewelry design studio, Fiore Roberta,  started in 1989 born from a desire of the father of the family, Pietro Fusaro, a master goldsmith modeler. He wanted to put his imagination, creativity, and passion for details to create timeless Italian jewellery pieces, thanks to the experience gained over the years through working at the most renowed firms.

A family tradition

Pietro passed on his passion for beauty and craftsmanship to his two sons Mirko and Andrea, who wanted to follow their father’s footsteps. They create their own brand “Fiore Roberta” in 2006 and today, the family-owned company focuses only on their own designs, conquering the italian and european market as precise and accurate producers.

Design and materials

The company uses only artisanal techniques, combined together with an innovative design to create unique Italian designed jewellery.

Fiore Roberta uses only natural gemstones, carefully selected one by one, to ensure top quality of colors and brightness.